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So it’s been a full week now since I’ve posted on this blog and it’s been incredible how much I’ve noticed a difference in myself. I’m so much more productive, wanting to do more each day I can and my creativeness is thriving – something I’ve been struggling with for a while.

I think what’s changed the most is my appreciation for friends, family and mostly, Toby. His constant support and not allowing me to doubt my talents, has been invaluable, so once again – thank you Noops.

This weekend has been action packed! We started off with a Drag Queen Comedy Show PPV Brunch ( recipe below, Drag Queens not included) with our friends Becky and Jacob, who are in the process of adopting! You can follow their journey here –

We then travelled down to see my family for the evening and drop off a few save the dates to them. Did I mention I’m getting married in December 2020?! It’s coming so quickly, now that save the dates are out, we can start properly planning!

So we had a typical family dinner of everyone bringing their own dish and sharing dessert at my sisters, there were 11 of us in total and so good to eat, drink, catch up, drink, drink, dri… you get the idea.

We then travelled to see a friend whose just move to London for some brunch – check out my Instagram story for these photos! Gave her the save the date and then made our way to Heathrow to pick up one of my best friends who is back from South Korea for 2 weeks!

It’s been an amazing weekend – but now, the reason you’re all here – time for the recipe, which I’m calling – Bennie and The Eggs.

It was my first time making a hollandaise sauce from scratch and if I could tell myself anything, I’d let myself know that it’s so much easier than you think!

This serves four people, so if you’re going it alone, just use a quarter of the ingredients for the Benedict, the sauce will last for 1-2 days, just try not to reheat if longer than the day after.


4 English Muffins

1kg Spinach

200g Butter

2 Garlic cloves

10 Eggs

1 Lemon

Salt, Pepper and Smoked Paprika.

1 Tbsp White Wine Vinegar

Handful of chives


Put your spinach in a saucepan with 50g of butter, pinch of salt and garlic, cook until reduced down (don’t worry about how little you have left, you will never have enough spinach)

With the rest of the butter, take 150g of it and melt slowly on a low heat, keep the butter warm.

In a metal or glass bowl, combine 2 of the 10 egg yolks, juice of a lemon, the white wine vinegar and spices, put this bowl over a pan of water that’s boiled, but on a low simmer and whisk for around 4 minutes until thick, then take off the heat and slowly add the butter whilst constantly whisking. Season to your taste – if you think it needs more salt and pepper, go for it. Give it a final whisk – if it’s a little too thick, add a table spoon of water until creamy.

In a bowl of simmering water, add your a dash of white vinegar to it and create a little whirlpool by whisking a slotting spoon and drop your egg in, it’ll spin and the whites will wrap itself around poaching for around 3 minutes. Remove from the pan and place on kitchen roll. Repeat this until all eggs are poached.

Place your spinach mix on top of the toasted muffins, top with the eggs and add a good pouring of the sauce, it should just about cover both of the poached eggs.

There you go! This was made vegetarian as one of our part was, however if you’re inclined, add some ham hock instead or as well as!

For this Mock-tail, I added 500ml of cloudy lemonade, freshly squeezed 4 oranges and combined a punnet of strawberries (reserving some for garnish) and a dash of grenadine for a fruity, delicious morning treat! As half of us we’re driving, this was made non alcoholic, but you can totally use a Prosecco instead of cloudy lemonade!

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