A Hull Lotta Love

Hello! There’s a slight twist this week… I haven’t done a recipe as I haven’t had the time, but I do have a story of my adventures this weekend. As I write this, I have a glass of Wild Turkey Bourbon and Drag Race Season 11 on – for the fifth time I think? Let’s go with that.

My photographer and soon to be husband is away in Ireland with work and so I haven’t got my photographer on hand or anyone to share the food with me, so creating recipes and meals for one that are cost effective and exciting, is proving tricky!

So this weekend, I had a Uni friend come down, he stayed the night, we caught up, binged season 2 of The Office (US) and had a few too many drinks.. a recurring theme in this weeks blog. We then headed up to Hull for the Humber Street Sesh, staying at our friends house in ‘Ull.

I’m not a massive fan of big crowds, sort of overwhelming, but when I hear food and drink are on offer – I feel like there is no stopping me.

The entire place was so chilled out and there was enough glitter, rainbow and leopard print to rival a pride parade! Everyone seemed to be having an amazing time, with lots of different stalls for clothes, drinks, food and a whole lot of music – personal favourite was Hands Off Gretel – who gave me real Pat Benatar meets No Doubt, with added punk – they were awesome.

The food at this place was really varied, but the minute I smelt the fresh pizza from Bert’s Pizza and Gelato – we went for the Salami and Rocket – but you know I had to add oregano, salt and oil to really amp it up!

This entry this week is a lot shorter and a lot more on the blog side, obviously next week its back to making recipes and posting regularly, but hey – who knows, reviews could be my new thing!

Published by joeycooks

Hello! My name is Joey and I’m an amateur cook who loves to share, inspire and make amazing food through my adventures, friends and stories!

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